Beijing Haoyilai Translation Center is a specialized translation enterprise.

Beijing Haoyilai Translation Center is a specialized translation enterprise, which has been approved and registered by Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce, and it also has the honor of being designated as a certified specialized translation organization by Ministry of Justice of the People's Republic of China. It originates from “Beijing Haoyilai Translation Center for French” established by the translation major graduates of French department of University of International Business and Economics (UIBE). With the development of business and enlargement of the center, it comes to boast a stable and high quality translation team whose members include foreign language teachers, master and doctor students from nationwide prestigious universities, such as Peking University, UIBE, Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU), Beijing Language & Culture University (BLCU), Institute of Diplomacy, Tianjin Foreign Studies University (TFSU), as well as the senior first-grade translators, foreign experts, returned Chinese overseas students, and the professional translators in institutes and academies. Among them there are 865 full and part-time translators, 87 first-grade translators and advisors, together with 32 foreign experts.

Beijing Haoyilai Translation Center is divided into project department, translation department and administration department. The translation department is further subdivided into English subsection, French subsection, German subsection as well as comprehensive language subsection. Every subsection comprises of several translation teams, and every team is optimized and combined, according to the translators’ specialized fields and experience. Besides, except for professional reference books and electronic dictionaries, every team is provided with its own professional glossary, which is accumulated by the common translators and first-grade translators in their daily work, and the technical terms are thus unified. Meanwhile, the three divisions cooperate with each other in a joint effort to provide customers with translation service with more added values.

Confronted with the opportunities and challenges incidental to the economic globalization, Beijing Haoyilai Translation Center will pursue the objective “Haoyilai translate the world, and the world needs Haoyilai”, and be motivated by innovation and speed up the process of adjusting operation strategy and internationalize the quality management, so as to continually enhance its core competence. It endeavors to build Haoyilai into a world-renowned modern translation company with distinction and wide recognition, and accomplishes the goal of win-win-win scenario among the company, customers and staff. We firmly believe, in the near future, by our specialized quality service, we will promote the improvement of all language translation services in the domestic translation market like a ripple stirs a pond; we will leave our footprint in the Chinese translation development track with our innovative and pioneering undertakings.